Designing and installing a new patio may seem like an exciting experience. However, without the right plan in place, the process can quickly turn out to be frustrating and overwhelming.

Fortunately, taking the time to figure out a few things beforehand makes all the difference. Whether you want a new patio or you need to replace an existing surface, knowing the right options and methods available for a smooth installation helps make the process more enjoyable.

Read below for a few easy-to-follow tips for installing a new patio:

  1. Consider the Size: Before anything, consider what size you want your patio, and remember there’s no right or wrong answers when it comes to size. Whether you want to admire the natural ambiance of your yard from a small patio or opt for a large patio for entertaining guests, determine what you want from your patio and what you need to fulfill your vision of the perfect outdoor patio. 
  2. Find Your Location: Once size is determined, explore the different options for placement. The location of your patio needs to match your needs. If you want to enjoy eating or cooking outside, place the patio near your kitchen or consider implementing a custom outdoor kitchen to minimize cooking hassles. If you want to enjoy the natural world from your patio, place it in an area with a nice view. 
  3. Get Creative: When installing a new patio, you don’t have to go bare-bones and plain. Now is the perfect time to get creative and explore different designs, materials, colors, patterns, layouts and extras. Consider what type of concrete you’d like, if you’ll be including decorative retaining walls and even what walkway you want leading up to your patio. Invite beautiful colors into the mix with these features and give your patio the perfect feeling of home. 
  4. Use What Lasts: When you invest in a patio, you want to make sure it will last for decades. When installed and maintained properly, most stone or concrete patios will last for decades. Whether it’s stamped, stained, traditional or exposed, your concrete patio design should compliment your home and landscaping while adding an aesthetic and functional element to your property.Of course, your surface must also be able to stand up to that of West Michigan.

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