Hardscape Construction

The difference between an average landscape design and one that looks great and stands the test of time often lies in the quality and installation of the hardscape construction element. 

At Outdoor Essentials, our experienced team combines high quality materials and years of expertise with time tested construction techniques to create custom structures and surfaces that are eye-catching, sturdy and functional for many years.

Whether your hardscape includes a stone patio surface, an outdoor kitchen, a waterfall or a fountain, its strength remains crucial to your overall landscape design.

Michigan’s extreme weather causes damage and costly repairs when your hardscape features contain low quality materials or are not installed properly. Factoring in the combination of extreme temperatures, rain, wind and snow, erosion can quickly occur, eating away at the core of your landscape design.

To avoid many of these issues, we identify potential water runoff issues that may occur, and find solutions to the problem before it occurs. For example, a stone retaining wall may be installed in the best location to prevent flooding, pooling and erosion of the underlying soil. In some cases, drainage solutions are put in place to ensure the longevity of the hardscape construction.

Designed to compliment any landscape, walkways and patios remain great options when creating your dream landscape. Not only do these features protect guests from potential tripping hazards, but they are decorative and functional elements that highlight the strengths of your property.

With our professionally installed walkways and patios, you won’t have to worry about the negative effects of wear and tear from everyday use. Our licensed specialists take great pride in finding the perfect textures and materials to make your hardscape design last many years.

For more information about hardscape construction from the professionals at Outdoor Essentials, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.560.0904.