Landscape Design and Construction Services

The landscape design and construction specialists at Outdoor Essentials work diligently to ensure your dreams come true when it comes to your landscape.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our landscape construction experts have been helping to highlight the natural beauty of our clients’ homes while offering a variety of services, becoming the total solution for any landscaping needs.

From landscape design and construction to custom pools, water features and outdoor kitchens, we pride ourselves in finding creative solutions to whatever you desire for your home and see each project through from start to finish. If you can dream it, we can make it a reality.

Our landscape construction services include:

Landscape Design and Construction

After years of dreaming of the perfect home, is your backyard still not quite what you imagined? The experienced and creative landscape design and construction specialists at Outdoor Essentials want to help make your dreams come true.

Whether it’s curb appeal, personal enjoyment or both, adding new elements to your property helps to freshen up your landscape. Let our professional landscape designers create an environment designed for the life you want to live. Outdoor Essentials offers a number of solutions that will highlight your home’s natural beauty and take your home — and how you enjoy it — to the next level. Learn more about our landscape design and construction here

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Custom Pools and Water Features

After rainy autumns and snowy winters, many Michiganders grab the most out of the summer months by spending time with friends and family in their custom pool.

Stop visiting pricey water parks or driving to the lake every time you want to take a dip. Cool off anytime you want in your very own custom outdoor pool. Learn more about our custom pools and water features here.

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Hardscape Construction

The difference between an average landscape design and one that looks great and stands the test of time often lies in the quality and installation of the hardscape construction element. 

At Outdoor Essentials, our experienced team combines high quality materials and years of expertise with time tested construction techniques to create custom structures and surfaces that are eye-catching, sturdy and functional for many years. Learn more about our hardscape construction here.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Whether hosting a large gathering or enjoying a quiet night with your family, a custom outdoor kitchen from Outdoor Essentials helps take entertaining and home dining to a whole new level. 

While it’s great to extend your living space to your backyard, there’s a lot to consider when designing a custom outdoor kitchen. Will your kitchen withstand Michigan’s humid summers and frigid winters? How will your outdoor kitchen affect the rest of your property? Will your outdoor kitchen design allow for comfortable usage year round? 

Let our experienced team walk you through the entire process — from concept to installation — and provide the answers you need to help make your vision a reality. Learn more about our custom outdoor kitchens here.

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Walkways, Patios and Retaining Walls

Adding that special something to your landscape design may only look as good as the area surrounding it. The experienced team at Outdoor Essentials knows firsthand that choosing the right walkway, patio or retaining wall design remains crucial when finalizing your landscape project.

While these features often seem like simple additions to your outdoor decor, they offer unlimited options when considering the design, the pattern or the material you choose.  At Outdoor Essentials, we see this as the perfect opportunity to get creative. Learn more about our walkways, patios and retaining walls here.

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Foundation Repair

Finding cracks in your foundation triggers a homeowner’s worst nightmare — sparking visions of large repair bills and even larger hassles. Fortunately, the foundation repair specialists at Outdoor Essentials stand ready and able to ease your fears and solve your foundation issues.

Though many associate cement cracks as the only symptom of foundation damage, there are several other signs you should look for when it comes to assessing your foundation. Bowing walls, uneven or buckling floors and cracked walls all represent red flags that your home’s foundation may need attention. Learn more about our foundation repair here.

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Drainage Runoff Repair

Most homeowners fail to think about their drainage runoff system until puddles, pooling or wet spots appear on their lawn. Before those puddles affect your yard or worse — your home’s foundation — contact the drainage runoff repair experts at Outdoor Essentials.

The damages from a clogged or broken drainage system often result in more serious issues than a few puddles. Foundation cracks, sinking patios, cracked walkways and flooded gardens all tend to stem from water runoff issues. Learn more about our drainage runoff repair here.

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Built-In Grills and Fire Features

Whether it’s a cool summer evening or a crisp winter day, with the right built-in grill, firepit or fire feature, you can enjoy the feeling of summer all year long!

Wouldn’t it be great to upgrade your outdoor decor or cook delicious dinners in your backyard surrounded by a West Michigan sunset? The experienced team at Outdoor Essentials specializes in creating custom built-in grills, along with aesthetic stone elements that make the space unique. Learn more about our built-in grills and fire features here.

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Irrigation Installation and Repairs

If you are frustrated with the effort it takes to keep your lawn green and lush, installing an in-ground sprinkler system from Outdoor Essentials will have your grass looking great without all the stress!

Living in West Michigan, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to keeping your yard healthy, such as the changing seasons, the weather and your time. That’s why it’s important to keep your lawn fed and hydrated with one of our quality irrigation systems. Learn more about our irrigation installation and repairs here.

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For more information about the landscape design and construction services from the experts at Outdoor Essentials, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.560.0904.