Walkways, Patios and Retaining Walls

Adding that special something to your landscape design may only look as good as the area surrounding it. The experienced team at Outdoor Essentials knows firsthand that choosing the right walkway, patio or retaining wall design remains crucial when finalizing your landscape project.

While these features often seem like simple additions to your outdoor decor, they offer unlimited options when considering the design, the pattern or the material you choose. 

At Outdoor Essentials, we see this as the perfect opportunity to get creative.


Designed to direct guests from point A to point B, walkways also help you way to guide visitors to the focal points of your yard that you wish to highlight. With unlimited options for colors, materials and textures — how do you know which will suit your property best?

Whether you desire a stone walkway overlaying a gravel design or stepping stones directing guests through your beautiful garden, we have the experience, creativity and material knowledge to expertly accentuate your most-prized features.


An outdoor patio is more than the ground you walk on, it’s an essential element of your property and often the focal point of your overall design. Without the correct texture, color or pattern, your risk  the visual effect you wish to accomplish.. That’s why we offer custom patios to help make even the simplest of additions deliver a unique result.

Before creating your patio, we consider the different elements of your home and decide which type of patio will best highlight your yard. Do you need a neutral color to make your new water feature or pool pop? Or maybe a darker stone illuminating your custom fire features. The experts from Outdoor Essentials take in the big picture  and ensure your patio will add the perfect finishing touch to your home’s design.

Retaining Walls

More than redirecting runoff, retaining walls can be used to supplement the design and layout for your outdoor plan. Are you looking to add a seating area fit for relaxation and conversation? Create an outdoor space sectioned with stone retaining walls to turn an unusable area into the perfect space to gather and visit.

Retaining walls are also ideal if you are hoping to prevent harmful erosion caused by Michigan’s unpredictable weather. Whether you are lining your driveway, evening out hilly terrain or adding a finishing touch to a patio or walkway, we will ensure your yard remains safe and looks great too.

For more information about outdoor walkways, patios, or retaining walls from the professionals at Outdoor Essentials, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.560.0904.